Johannesburg has a vibe!

Real Scenes: Johannesburg from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

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It’s been a long long time since our last post, but we will try to be back and share our favorites with you :) We let you now with one of our latest recommendations from Black Vinyl Records (UK) , Datakestra - Tokyo Live EP. Stay tuned! :)

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PODCAST 02 - 808

We invited one of the most solid project of Porto, 808 (Gonçalo Costa & Francisco Coelho), for our second podcast. Record collectors for many years, these two can make any dancefloor go crazy with their hidden pearls. Have a listen and understand why.

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Beste Modus 002 first preview available…we loved the first release so much that we cant wait for this one to come out!! Full Support!!!

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Harborage the shop to visit if you come to Porto. Vinyl, clothes and music production hardware, have a look. Also live streams every Saturday with the best Portuguese Dj’s. #Support your local record shop!!

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Soul Notes presents their next release which features the 4 risings stars Fulbert, Kastil, Malin Genie and Jefferson Belmondo. 4 absolute bangers we cant wait for this to land over here!

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Motor City Drum Ensemble nails it one more time!!! Pure raw deepness for you all!!! Beautiful piece of wax!

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This one is from last year but is on heavy rotation in our planet, meet Marco M. Bernd on Ehrenfels! Lovely stuff

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Tomorrow Is Now Kid is back with a huge huge release. This time Anil Aras delivers 2 stomping tracks with a piano that drives us nuts, in a good way…real house music right here guys!

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We came across with this beauty right here played by DJ Harvey at his mythical Tonka nights. From 1989 with love. If anyone got a spare copy of this record to sell please send one over because we need this in our planet!!!

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Spencer Parker’s debut on Tsuba Records with this deep detroit flavoured ‘Show Him You’re The One’, including ItaloJohnson remix completing this amazing new record. Released on January 23rd. Have a listen!

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One of our favorite new labels ArtfulDivision present their second release. Excellent originals by our friends CECIL and Jon Brooks. For remix duties Adryiano and Kastil were asked to give their interpretation and they delivered it. Hard to choose a favorite amongst the 4 tracks as they all have their unique flavour to it! Check it out guys!!!

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For all you vinyl freaks out there u must check this little video about the art of making records…some awesome insights on the subject.

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